Wherein lies the beauty…

This photograph, obviously evokes feelings such as, a shy women or an adolescent girl hiding behind either a curtain cloth or playing with her mamma’s dress-ends etc. Some photographs, particularly those which have a story to tell are catchy and this one kept me occupied for a few moments. After which the caption of that photograph fell into my eyes. It read:

Beauty is not only in exposing yourself.

The photographer was from Pakistan. Clearly, the fundamentalist mindset was exposed as he was actually endorsing the burqa, which is a loose garment that covers the whole body with some opening for only the eyes, worn by Muslim women. The caption wiped-out all the beauty out of the photograph.

A bit more exploration let to another such photograph by him.

And one of the comment said:

 Ma sha Allah, She’s so adOrab|e. . . Beautifu| |ady

All is black, where’s the beauty here?

PS: Of course, underlying all of this is the fact that “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

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